What to Look for in a College Visit

College Planning Consulting studentHigh school juniors and parents should always consider visiting a college campus before making a final decision about which is the best fit for the next four years. Planning your visit early helps. Most colleges offer college tours, and some even allow college interviews.

Students often know almost as soon as they step onto a college campus if the college could be their future home. Some tips for a college visit are:

  1. Check out the buildings, the dorms, the cafeterias, the library, and see the students and what they are like.
  2. If possible, consider pre-scheduling an interview to learn more about the college.
  3. See if you can schedule a visit to the classes that you might be interested in majoring in.
  4. Schedule a meeting with the band director, or a student in a sport you might like to play (or coach if it is a time of year NCAA permits it), the drama adviser, or any other specialty area of interest. Remember:  Your college will be your “new home” for several years, and you are attending during a very special time of your life—to explore, expand your horizons, and prepare for your future.
  1. If you absolutely cannot travel, then plan to tour some colleges within an hour from home and compare small, middle-size, or large ones in various settings:  city, suburban, rural.
  2. Get the sense of what college type is best suited to you and your distinct needs and personality.
  3. If you need help in planning your college search, setting up the college visit, preparing for the college interview, learning how to set up and prepare for a campus tour, I can help.

Though high school counselors can do this, many have large case loads, and are responsible for many other duties besides the college planning process.  I am an expert in college planning with years of college admissions experience.  Contact me at 860-348-6055 to begin working, one-to-one, for several sessions in a focused and helpful manner.

With the average four year college education costing between “$100,000 to over $200,000, my college planning service is a relatively small investment to make to help insure a positive and appropriate college placement.

Happy touring!!!

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