The Importance of High School Course Selections

It is crucial to carefully plan high school course selections for Grades 9,10, 11 and 12.

The actual courses, and the four-year sequence, as well as course levels, are looked at very closely by college admissions staff as the “core” of your high school experience.

College reps compare what you take over the course of high school to other candidates applying to them. They want to see, overall, how challenged you were, as well as how successful you were grade-wise and GPA-wise.

In addition, they want to see what you individually took that prepares you for a given major you might want to apply to. For example, if you want to pursue nursing, they may look for courses in Biology and Chemistry, and also whether you took a higher level or honors one, even an AP one.

They might look to be sure you likewise took Physics and perhaps Anatomy and Physiology, if offered. They would also see how many, and which specific Math courses you had taken in preparation for first year Nursing classes.

By trying to pick a few possible college majors early on in high school, you could take the right courses for a few different areas you might apply to in college “down the road.”

Thus, you could prepare for, maybe, being a physical therapist, a doctor, a sports trainer, or an environmental scientists by taking four years of science, or even five. They include Physics, Anatomy and Physiology, and/or Environmental Studies (in addition to the required Biology and Chemistry). This keeps the “door open” for a number of related possible areas of college study you can apply for in senior year.

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