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“I felt a sense of trust and comfort at my college planning meetings”
Doug P., recent high school graduate

“Dr. De John immediately connected to my son when first meeting him”
K. McCormick, mother of current Senior

“He presents a professional and committed demeanor”
Nick S., father of recent college graduate

“He sees the ‘bigger picture’ before selecting a list of colleges for me to consider”
Latasha J., current Junior

“I find him open to discussing my personal concerns so that I could develop more motivation and confidence about college”
M. Anderson, recent high school graduate

“He goes the ‘extra mile’ to help me select the right college choices–even contacting college admissions offices to seek out information if need be”
M. Silverstein, current Senior

“As a parent, I find him genuine, enthusiastic and insightful!”
Joseph, S., father of current Junior

“He did a great job in helping “match” my son with colleges which seem to be a good ‘fit’ for his personality”
S. Paulo, mother of recent high school graduate

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