Stressed Out by the College Search Process?

Many students and parents are overwhelmed by College Planning pressure.  It helps to “plan” well to assure “success”.  Selecting the “best” college majors, and the “right” colleges from the 4,000 or so available in the U.S. can lessen the stress.

This can be done in a number of ways.  One way is to use any of the College Search programs that can be located on-line.  Many high schools offer your student this capability through their own high school Guidance Office.

Another way is to get on-line and search for specific colleges, selecting the official “.edu” link site for given colleges.   Another way is to search any of the college catalogues sent to your home, if any, by colleges seeking future students.

Many hard-copy guides and catalogues on colleges are also available at local bookstores such as Barnes and Nobles.  High school, Regional and National College Fairs in your area also provide all sorts of information on majors, programs and college costs at numerous colleges.

Additionally, many high schools invite College Representatives to visit, and they will gladly share materials on their college with your student.

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