Stressed Out by the College Search and Planning Process?

In addition to a Guidance Counselor’s help, consider getting help from a “specialist”, a nationally certified IECA College Consultant. Many public school guidance counselors have caseloads of up to 250 or more students, and many private boarding schools counselors have up to 50 or more.

College counseling is only a small part of a public guidance counselor’s job. They also run Developmental Guidance groups (social issues, educational and decision-making), crisis intervention, 504 and PPT meetings, parent-teacher meetings, meetings with all students about report card grades, course selections, to name just a few tasks.

An IECA College Consultant is available to travel 20% of the school year visiting colleges and their students, coaches, professors and Admissions Representatives. They network with these people all over the U.S.

A College Consultant’s  SOLE job is to work INDIVIDUALLY with each individual student (and parents) over time, helping them “plan out” the entire college search process.  They also do extensive research and outreach to colleges to find “best fit” colleges for student needs, interests, strengths and personalities.

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