Planning College Visits

High School Students and Parents:

Students visiting college campusesCollege Admissions Representatives always tell prospective students and parents to “VISIT, VISIT, VISIT” colleges!!!   During Junior year (or earlier if you are eager to do so!), visiting colleges for an official tour is important, almost essential, for exploring “what’s out there” for you.

Your selected college will be your “new home” for four years. These years there will be a significant time in your life, a place to grow and “evolve”. Visiting helps you get a first-hand look at the types of colleges available. Then you can “reassess” and “fine tune” what location, size, and environment will best suit you.

Whereas the ideal time to visit a college is when it is actually in-session, it also helps to visit during the Summer. In either case you will benefit from planning visits in advance, in order to then get on-line or call the Admissions Office to be part of an official tour while there.

You might also plan to see additional colleges by driving through their campus while on family trips during high school– just to get an idea of the many different kinds of college available to you. Then you can investigate these particular colleges further on-line, or eventually return to check them out more carefully.

Most students tell me they can tell intuitively which colleges they are most comfortable at, and like, once they tour.   So when visiting, eat the food, talk to students, ask questions of your tour guide, walk by or visit some classes, the Student Union, or Sports, Theater, Science facililities you think you might want to eventually use if you attend there.

Happy Traveling!!!

IMG00125-20120907-1339Larry DeJohn brings first-hand knowledge of specific colleges through campus visits, having recently visited colleges in New Hampshire, Springfield, MA and Savannah. He has an understanding of the college selection process from the administrative and student perspectives.

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