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Read the article reprinted from West Hartford Life, February, 2016, by Alison Jalbert. (Turley CT Community Publications).


Fairfax, VA, September 17, 2015 – The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) today announced that Larry DeJohn of West Hartford has been accepted as a Professional member in the Association. Professional membership is reserved for only the most capable and experienced independent educational consultants (IECs). It requires an appropriate master’s degree, and a minimum of three years experience in college counseling or admissions. Additionally, members must have visited, on official tours, 50 college campuses every three years. IECA members are generally recognized by college admissions representatives throughout the U.S.

Dr. DeJohn has been an IEC since 2012. He is the Owner/Consultant of College Planning Consulting, LLC located in West Hartford. A graduate of Providence College (B.A.), Clark University (M.A.) , the University of Hartford (6TH Year Certificate and the University of Bridgeport) (Ed. D.), he was formerly the Director of Guidance at Northwestern Regional High School # 7 in Barkhamsted and thereafter a College Counselor at East Catholic High School in Manchester. He is also a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC).

The IECA was founded in 1976 as a nonprofit, professional association of established educational consultants. Members continually update their knowledge and maintain skills through IECA-sponsored meetings, conferences, workshops, webinars, training programs and information exchanges with colleges, and other consultants.

West Hartford, CT, August 2, 2014 – College visits can bring a level of understanding that can’t be found in reading about colleges from books. This summer, Lawrence DeJohn Ed.D, college planning consultant, recently visited four colleges in Rhode Island: Providence College, Rhode Island School of Design, Bryant University, and Salve Regina University. The visits help DeJohn consult with students and parents to find just the right fit for a student. College visits can be stressful and students do not always ask the right questions. DeJohn, as an impartial observer, brings additional insight into the college, its selection process, and any special programs offered by the college.  To learn more about DeJohn’s college visit, see his blog post. To book an appointment with DeJohn, go to his website at http://www.collegeplanningconsulting.com/



West Hartford, CT, March 22, 2013 – Anyone who has gone to college realizes that the transition from high school can be an adjustment.  To ease the transition, Lawrence DeJohn, Ed.D., a long-time secondary school college counselor has opened College Planning Consulting, in West Hartford, CT to help students make more informed choices about colleges that best fit their specific needs. A specialty is helping students with learning disabilities and other challenges.

“Selecting the right college involves all aspects of the student experience, including extracurricular activities, such as band or sport participation,” said DeJohn. “By understanding a student’s career interests, skills, and values, and knowing which colleges emphasize academics and which encourage cultural or other activities, I can help students achieve their goals and plan for a successful future.”

DeJohn’s services are offered through a series of packages, beginning with students in Grade 8 through transfer students. Packages are customized by grade and the amount of time remaining before college. As students get closer to college, he reviews their all-important college essays, prepares students for college interviews, and advises students on SAT/ACT planning. To better match learning students with learning disabilities with colleges offering supportive services, De John attends Planning and Placement team meetings and 504 meetings when requested by a parent, to provide input on high school programs that prepare students for college.

DeJohn brings first-hand knowledge of specific college through campus visits, having recently visited colleges in New Hampshire, Springfield, MA and Savannah. He has an understanding of the college selection process from the administrative and student perspectives.

Retiring after 25 years of secondary school college counseling, DeJohn decided to continue his interest in helping students find success in their college experience. Office hours are by appointment. The initial consultation is free.  Visit his website at www.CollegePlanningConsulting.com.


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