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Heading Off to College?

Get Help Finding Colleges Suited to You!

My motto is “To Plan is to Succeed.” With college costs for four year colleges often being upwards of over $200,000, it behooves parents to get experienced, proven, help in finding colleges suitable to their student’s individual goals, talents and personalities.

Unlike many other local college consultants, I am IECA approved. I do more than just SAT/ACT review, college applications, and college essays for students in the Central Connecticut area. I have personally visited HUNDREDS OF COLLEGES, and CONTINUE TO VISIT COLLEGES ALL YEAR.

During the past year alone, I have visited many colleges, on weekly group tours, in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania and New York.

In the next six months, I plan to visit colleges in Georgia, Ohio, and Maine. On all trips, I learn about college majors, college financial aid, college early action, and college admissions. As a member of NACAC, I am in touch with recent developments and changes in college majors and programs, and work directly with College Admissions Representatives nationally.

As an IECA consultant, I provide “focused,” uninterrupted, and quality time, one student at a time, over numerous sessions. I function as the “student advocate.” Between meetings, I do college searches and help select college choices for my students.

My job is to “Match Students” in Central Connecticut with “Best-Fit,” appropriate, suitable colleges where students can grow and learn in a “well-fitting” environment.

Please see my College List, and check out My Services.  Then begin “planning to succeed” in the college process!!

Larry DeJohn, Ed.D., College Planning Consulting

Larry DeJohn, Ed.D. Owner/Consultant

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