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Stressed Out by the College Search Process?

Do you know how to find a LIST OF COLLEGE MAJORS? Or the “BEST” COLLEGE MAJORS? I can help.

Need help with finding colleges most likely to offer you MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS, GRANTS, AND OTHER FINANCIAL AWARDS?  I have the experience to assist you.

Do you need College Admissions assistance? Or help in creating a unique COLLEGE ADMISSION ESSAY? I can help  develop a “winning essay” to include in your college COMMON APPLICATION, one that reflects your own style and individuality.

Do you understand the differences between Early Action vs. Early Decision, or Rolling Admissions and Regular Admissions? With my knowledge of the process, you will soon know the differences.


I can help you learn about the best college majors and develop a list of college majors that “match” your interests, goals, talents and personality. TO SEE WHICH COLLEGES I HAVE HELPED STUDENTS GET ACCEPTED AT, PLEASE CHECK OUT MY COLLEGE LIST.

I can help “market” you so that you stand out among the thousands of other applicants. I ALSO ADVOCATE FOR YOU SINCE I NETWORK WITH COLLEGE ADMISSIONS STAFF ALL OVER THE U.S. I research appropriate college application essay examples and then advise you on how to form an application essay. And, I help develop a “strategy” to select those colleges to apply to– early action vs. early decision, rolling admissions or regular admission.

Larry DeJohn, PhD; Owner/Consultant

Larry DeJohn, Ed.D Owner/Consultant

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